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General Anaesthesia

There are occasions when it is preferable or necessary for a procedure to be performed on a patient whilst they are under a general anaesthetic.

There are a variety of reasons that a periodontist may advise a patient to undergo a general anaesthetic for their periodontal procedure. Considerations include the type of periodontal procedure, the degree of difficulty of the procedure, the length of the procedure, the patient’s tolerance to having their mouth open, the patient’s anxiety levels regarding the procedure, the patient’s medical history and many other factors.

Currently, Dr Jamil Alayan and Professor Saso Ivanovski perform periodontal procedures for patients under general anaesthetic at St Andrews War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane (http://standrewshospital.com.au/patients-and-visitors). An anaesthetist works alongside our practitioners to ensure adequate care and sedation of patients undergoing general anaesthesia.

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