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Perio-plastic Procedures

Periodontal-Plastic procedures are performed to address aesthetic and functional gum problems. These are typically related to gum deficiencies or excess gum seen when smiling. The aim of these surgical procedures is to provide adequate gum tissue in the correct proportion. Two of the most common procedures include crown lengthening surgery and gingival augmentation. A thorough clinical assessment is required to determine suitable candidates for these procedures.

Crown Lengthening Surgery

This is typically performed to reduce the excessive amount of gum tissue exposed when smiling. There are many reasons why excess gum is visible when smiling and some may be managed successfully using this technique. This procedure is also utilized to provide more tooth structure when it is needed for restorative purposes such as crowns, veneers and fillings. In these cases, crown lengthening surgery is performed prior to delivery of these restorations.

Gingival Augmentation

Gum recession is caused by a number of factors and can lead to unpleasant aesthetics, sensitive teeth and tooth wear. Various gingival grafting techniques allow replacement of gum tissue in deficient areas and commonly utilize the patient’s own tissue for this purpose. More recently, synthetic alternatives have become available and avoid the use of a patient’s own tissue. These newer materials however, can only be utilized in very specific situations.